Wood Stove Fan
Wood Stove Fan
Wood Stove Fan
Wood Stove Fan
Wood Stove Fan
Wood Stove Fan
Wood Stove Fan
Wood Stove Fan
Wood Stove Fan
Wood Stove Fan

Wood Stove Fan

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Struggling with House Warmth and Fireplace Efficiency ?
Our wood stove fan will distribute the heat from the stove more efficiently and raise the temperature in your home, or your money back!
Instantly Increases the Temperature
Helps to Save Fuel
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Pellets, Wood, Gaz, Bioetanol, and any other stove where the surface is hot.

The Wood Stove Fan will:

 Uses the heat from the stove to power its motor

✓ Requiring no electricity or batteries

✓ Distributes heat more efficiently in your room

✓ Help maintain a more even temperature and reduce your wood consumption

How does it work ?

The Wood Stove Fan employs the Seebeck Effect to transform wood stove heat into electricity. This electrical energy drives the motor, propelling the fan to distribute warm air uniformly while pushing the heat forward into every corner of the room.

80% of wood stove owners complain about short heat-up times and excessive fuel expenditure:

  • Without a Wood Stove Fan, the heat from the wood stove builds up high and slowly diffuses into the room, resulting in high fuel consumption.

Here is our solution:

  • Using our Wood Stove Fan ensures swift, efficient, and cost-effective heating within a wood-burning stove. This is achieved through the uniform and speedy dispersion of warmth throughout the room.
How to install it?
  1. Simply place it on top of the hottest area of your wood stove and wait for the temperature to reach the fan.
  2. A few minutes later, the base of the fan will be hot enough to activate the motor. Then, the blades will start spinning and spread the heat.
The Seebeck effect :

The Seebeck effect on a wood stove fan converts the temperature difference between the hot stove surface and the cooler air. This temperature gradient generates an electric voltage, powering the fan. As a result, the fan circulates air around the stove, enhancing heating efficiency solely using the stove's heat, without requiring any external power source.

The efficiency of the wood stove fan:
  • A flow of 360 m³ /h
  • A speed of 1100 rpm
  • Sound level as low as 25 dB

Your room will gain a general temperature between 3 to 5°C in less than 15 minutes.

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